Charging your EV

Where do I charge an EV?

Plan ahead to make sure your EV gets you where you need to go.

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How do I install a home charger?

If you have off-street parking, you can get an EV home charger port to be installed at home, either on an exterior wall or in your garage.

The average cost of a home EV charger, including installation, is between £800 and £1000. 

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How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Charging tariffs vary widely, depending on where and when you charge.

At home, you might expect to pay around £17 for a full charge (200-mile range and 60kW battery), but the average cost of public charging is around £26 for a full battery.

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EV range


What does range mean?

Range specifies how many miles, on average, you can drive on a single battery charge.

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How does driving style affect range?

As with a petrol or diesel car, the way you drive will affect the range you get from your EV. Minimising the use of heaters and AC, keeping within speed limits, and maintaining your tyre pressure all contribute to improved range.

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EV traffic rules

Can EVs use bus lanes?

The short answer is no, although such schemes have been trialled. 

For the most part, the rules for driving an electric vehicle are the same as for vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

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Are EVs exempt from congestion charges?

Most EVs are exempt from city centre congestion charges, but it’s worth checking before you buy whether local regulations include your vehicle or not.

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Can EVs park for free?

If you are planning to charge your EV, you can take advantage of many city-centre charge points where only EVs can park. So, while you're not paying for parking, you are paying for the cost of your battery charge.

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Maintaining EVs


Are EVs safe?

EVs are just as safe, if not safer, than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

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How long do EV batteries last?

Although there is much confusion on this topic, EV batteries are durable and long-lasting.

But certain things can impact the battery's longevity.

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