Where do I charge an EV?

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be charged in two main ways – at home, via a home charging unit, or on the go at a service station or street charging facility. ZapMap has interactive maps showing where publicly accessible EV charging facilities can be found.


Home charging

If you have off-road parking, your best option is to install a home charge point. This is a wall-mounted, weatherproof unit attached to the outside of your home, or inside a garage, that provides a plug-in point for your car’s supplied charger.

This charge point is relatively easy to have installed and runs from your home’s domestic supply. Modern or refurbished apartment units that include parking may also provide charging points.

Home chargers typically operate at 7KW, which can charge a typical 60KWh car battery fully in under eight hours. It makes sense for users to sweep the market for the best deals as some tariffs provide cost-efficient off-peak rates.

It is also possible to install a three-phase power supply, which allows for speedier charging (up to four times faster), but the installation cost is much higher. If you have more than one EV to charge, this could be a worthwhile long-term investment.


Charging on the go

If you don’t have off-road parking, you may have access to charging points installed within lampposts or other roadside units. For instance, West Berkshire Council has installed 36 off-street charging points. But there are lots of other options available too. These include supermarkets, gyms, and retail parks.

In addition, most service stations now offer EV charging points, with 2,540 situated in motorway services, according to an April 2023 government report. It should be noted, however, that this represents only 6% of the charge points nationally available, with 34% of EVs at on-street locations.

Some employers are offering charge points as incentives for employees to drive EVs to work. There are tax incentives available to employers who adopt this policy.

It’s worth checking how fast your charging point will operate. Some locations have high-speed chargers, capable of fully charging in as little as 20-30 minutes. ZapMap is a helpful app to find their location.