How long do EV batteries last?

Although there is much confusion on this topic, EV batteries are durable and long-lasting.


One US study revealed that EV batteries only lose around 2.3% of their capacity per year. Plus, as car manufacturers work to become sustainable, more EV batteries are being recycled and given a chance for a second life.

How durable are EV batteries overall?

In 2019, vehicle analytics firm Geotab ran a comparative test of 6000 EV batteries over a whole range of makes and models. Geotab’s conclusions were encouraging. In their words, “if the observed degradation rates are maintained, the vast majority of batteries will outlast the usable life of the vehicle.”

Furthermore, battery technology improves year by year. In 2023, the AA notes, many manufacturers are offering lifetime warranties on EV batteries.

What factors negatively affect an EV battery’s durability?

There are ways to maintain good battery health in your EV. Here are some simple tips from the AA:

  • Don’t run your battery flat. It’s best to recharge when your EV’s battery hits 15-20%.
  • Don’t overcharge it either. Avoid regular charges to 100%. 80% is ideal for battery health.
  • Avoid extremes of temperature. EVs have systems to cool or warm batteries for optimal use, which drains some of their capacity, so avoid leaving your car in hot sunlight or icy temperatures for too long.
  • Don’t rapid charge. High-speed charging can strain an EV’s battery’s capacity. Charge at home to reduce range degradation.
  • Let your car cool before charging. When charging at home, let your engine cool before plugging it in. 
  • Avoid driving too fast. If you constantly push the speed limit, you’ll drain your battery faster and have to recharge more often.

Follow these recommendations and you should never need to replace your EV’s battery.

What happens to dead batteries?

Once your electric vehicle battery comes to the end of its life, you should get in touch with your local manufacturer’s garage. They can find you a replacement. The manufacturer then has three main options for the dead battery: send it to landfill, recycle the parts or give it a second life. These days, most manufacturers will give the used battery a second life by reselling it for another purpose.


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