How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Charging tariffs vary widely, depending on where and when you charge.


At home, you might expect to pay around £17 for a full charge (200-mile range and 60kW battery), but the average cost of public charging is around £26 for a full battery.


What does it cost to charge my EV at home?

Once you’ve paid the initial installation charge for your home port, charging costs will depend on how many units are required to charge your battery, and at what time of day you are charging.

Many suppliers offer off-peak rates from around 11pm until 6am, at 8-10p per kWh. This makes it three times cheaper to charge your car overnight than it would be during peak hours when network demand is at its highest.

The average UK domestic power supply tariff is 32p per kWh. This adds up to around £17 for an EV with a 200-mile range and a 60kW battery. 


What does charging on the go cost?

Lamp-post charging is an emerging on-the-go solution. Customers buy a smart cable from companies like Ubitricity to use their charging units on lamp posts around London. 

Kerbside charging is also gaining traction. Connected Kerb is innovating in this area by giving drivers smart yet subtle options.

But service stations and retail parks are currently the most common on-the-go solutions. When you charge at one of these, the price you pay will depend on two things:

  • speed of charging
  • the provider’s standard tariffs. 

Service stations usually offer both standard and high-speed charging options. Standard-speed charging ports cost an average of 55p per kWh whereas rapid chargers cost around 80p/kWh on average. A 150kWh fast charger can recharge a 60kWh battery in about 30 minutes.

Some supermarket chains, such as Aldi and Asda, offer free charging at their stores, as an incentive to shop. Others, like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons, provide charge points ranging from 29p to 59p per kWh. Like utility companies, supermarkets may charge different rates for off-peak and peak times.

The price you’ll pay for a full charge will depend on your EV’s battery capacity. The value you get for your money will depend on the range your car can achieve on a full charge. 

It is worth doing some sums before buying an EV, to ensure you can afford a regular recharge in addition to the total operating costs.


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