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What should I consider when buying an EV?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are now common and there’s a wide range of vehicle types and styles, both new and used. The main factors you need to consider are range, charging options, a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, budget, and vehicle size. 

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What's an EV like to drive?

When compared to petrol and diesel engines, the sensation of driving an electric vehicle is markedly different.

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What do real EV owners say?

When we asked owners what the EV experience is like, most were very happy with their decision to go electric, while acknowledging some limitations on range and charging.

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Environmental impact of EVs


Considerations when buying a second hand EV

Used EVs tend to require less maintenance than petrol vehicles of a similar age. As such they can offer good reliability and, though used, their condition is often comparable to new EVs. 

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Are EVs really better for the environment?

EVs do emit carbon at the manufacturing stage but this impact is neutralised once the vehicle has travelled 20,000 miles. 

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