What do real EV owners say?

When we asked owners what the EV experience is like, most were very happy with their decision to go electric,
while acknowledging some limitations on range and charging.


What's the driving experience like?

Motivated by the need to reduce their carbon footprint, or the desire to experience the technological innovations behind sustainable driving, the owners we spoke to were enthusiastic about the EV experience.

“It’s a delight to drive,” said one, adding “it’s very, very smooth.” 

Ease of driving was commented on by most, with another owner loving the way an EV “doesn’t make you tired.” He enjoys that there’s no shifting and no gearing. “Pull the throttle, full power. It’s an amazing experience.”

Another owner talks about a petrol-head friend who was doubtful until they tried an EV.

The friend’s eventual verdict? “I love it. It’s fantastic.”


Are there any downsides?

We wanted to find out what improvements our EV owners would make if they had the chance to offer feedback. The biggest issues were:

  1. Speed of charging
  2. Finding a charging station
  3. Range

Most of our interviewees charged their vehicles one to four times a week, while one pointed out that charging during long drives “makes you stop for a break, which is quite nice.” 

Owners reported charging times from 15% to 100% taking “around an hour” at a service station.

Ranges seemed consistent – up to 220 miles on a single charge and charging proved much less expensive than filling a tank.

The lack of noise is something most drivers love, but one owner pointed out that pedestrians might prefer EVs to be a little less stealthy, for safety reasons.

Go back to petrol or diesel?

Nobody wanted to change back to a petrol or diesel car. 

As one satisfied owner put it, “They’re so fun to drive.” 

Another owner said: “most people who are sceptical probably haven’t tried driving one.”


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