EV body types

Comparing different EV body types is difficult, because it really depends what kind of vehicle you need, and what you’ll use it for.

Fortunately, there are now excellent EVs in all body types.



The hatchback is great for manoeuvrability and driving ease. Combining interior space, lots of tech and smooth driving, they are ideal city cars, especially for those who don’t want to park a large saloon on a crowded street.

There’s a wider choice of electric hatchbacks than ever before and, as the UK government pushes for increasing sales of fully electric cars, the number of models available is only going to increase.



Sporty, tall, and roomy, the SUV is a good all-purpose city car which combines looks and performance with convenience. New SUVs typically start from £30k.

There is a wide choice for buyers to consider, from entry level small/medium SUVs to premium upmarket brands. Despite SUVs being typically larger than standard saloons and hatchbacks, they still offer practical usable range, with the benefit of additional room and storage space.


Estate cars

If boot space is a priority for your dogs or shopping, you’ll need an estate. These cars offer low running costs and lots of luggage space. The elongated rear end provides additional interior space and a larger-than-average boot, making them both practical and comfortable.

Given the low running costs of electric cars, it’s easy to understand why an all-electric estate car may sound like the perfect family car or general workhorse.



It’s a sign of the times that manufacturers haven’t gone headfirst into developing electric saloons, focusing on battery-powered compact and SUV-style models instead.

As a result, saloon electric cars aren’t quite as commonplace, but there are still a number of options out there to choose from. Striking a balance between estate car roominess and compact car sportiness, the saloon is thriving in its EV form. These cars offer comfort and convenience.