Vehicle Complaints

What to do if you have issues with your vehicle

If you’re having issues with your vehicle, please speak to your dealer first. This is usually the quickest way to find a solution.  

If this isn’t possible, or you’re not happy with the outcome, you can make a complaint to us.

Make a complaint about your vehicle

  • Write to us at:

    Customer Complaints Department
    St William House
    CF10 5BH

    Make sure you include your vehicle registration, agreement number and information about your complaint. 

We’ll send confirmation that we’ve got your complaint within 5 working days of receiving it.  

Supporting evidence of a fault with your vehicle 

To resolve your complaint more quickly, we may ask you to send us any evidence to support your complaint. This could be an independent inspection report or a diagnostic report for example. 

Resolving your complaint

Under our terms and conditions, we may suggest: 

  • repairing the vehicle
  • a partial refund
  • price reduction, or
  • the right for you to reject the vehicle and get back your deposit with any finance payments made.

You can do this directly with your vehicle retailer.

Common questions about vehicle complaints

  • We’ll send you confirmation that we’ve got your complaint within five working days of receiving it. A dedicated member of our team will look after your case and be in touch with you.  

    We may ask an independent engineer to inspect your vehicle. This will be part of our investigation. They’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time once we’ve asked them to do an inspection. It can be at your home address or at a garage. You can be there during the inspection if you want to.  

    The independent engineers may need to: 

    • complete a physical inspection
    • scan the on-board computer
    • note any faults found, take photos where needed
    • test drive your vehicle 

    After the inspection, the engineer will send their report to us. We’ll tell you and your dealer when we get it. The report, and any other information you or the dealer give us, will help us decide your complaint.

  • We recommend that the dealer who supplied your vehicle does the repairs. If you’d like to arrange the repairs yourself, please discuss this with the team. 

    If you get any repairs done before we inspect the vehicle, we may not cover any of these repair costs.