Leisure PCP support

You can give your caravan and motorhome customers greater finance options, following the launch of our flexible Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance product.

PCP has proved popular within the car sector, and by introducing it for leisure purchases, we can help you maximise your sales opportunities.

You can also take advantage of PCP’s many other benefits:

  • Customers get a greater choice of finance products, meaning more people than ever can discover the freedom of a new caravan or new motorhome.
  • The flexibility at the end of a PCP agreement means you can satisfy more customer’s borrowing needs.
    Fixed monthly payments, flexible deposit values and a guaranteed future value gives customers options to choose the right agreement for their budget.
  • Customers have the ability to renew and upgrade their purchase more regularly, improving your customer retention potential and stock rotation.
  • PCP opens up a wider range of caravans and motorhomes to your customers.

To ensure you can sell and promote PCP within the guidelines of the FCA regulation rules, please take a look at our product guide and video. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Keep monthly repayments low by deferring a significant proportion of credit to the final repayment, with flexible options at the end of the agreement.

Product guide

Explain the finer details of our finance agreements to help your customers choose the right option with our product guide eBook.

Find out more  (PDF, 1MB)