You might remember we recently introduced you to The Black Horse Customer Retention Programme. It’s an excellent way to make more of your existing customers.

Designed specifically to improve sales and boost customer loyalty, it delivers hot leads direct to your sales people. Unique to Black Horse, it combines your customer statistics with our policy data, delivering you results via a brand new, innovative reporting dashboard. We’ll give your staff the training they need to make the most of it. And even provide telephone scripts so you see results from day one.

As a result, your sales team will be able to filter leads against a number of criteria and highlight those who may be in the market for – and can afford – a new bike.

Dealers have been working with the programme in different ways. Tomasz Polak, Hertfordshire Triumph, said…
“The data can be filtered in a variety of ways, such as prioritising specific models that we have in store at that time.”
Tomasz also adds…“It gives comprehensive data that allows a structured quote to be produced prior to customer contact. The data allows the sales staff to make an informed outgoing call.”

Liam Johnson of CMC shared a different experience. He said
“The process has allowed the team to have a reason to call our customers who have previously bought from us to discuss the opportunity to explore new bikes. To date we have made a staggering 644 outbound calls and we are having ongoing conversations with over 204 customers where we have presented a new deal as well as generating 36 sales.”

The results speak for themselves. One dealer received 83 leads, made 33 outbound calls during June and sold 13 bikes, with a conversion rate of 39%. Our Bike Team has also seen some impressive results, with a 22% conversion rate of the 636 leads uploaded.

Your Account Manager would be delighted to explain how the Customer Retention Programme can benefit you, help with training and even provide those all-important telephone scripts. Get in touch to find out more.