Portfolio 3Sixty

Retain more customers - generate more used car sales



What is Portfolio 3Sixty?

Portfolio 3Sixty is the automated customer retention tool that gives you the power and insight to bring customers back to your dealership for their next used car.  Watch the video for more on how we can help create your own customer retention loop.





Put your customer data to work

Portfolio 3Sixty matches your stock with Black Horse customers at the optimum time in the their finance agreement. So the right customers are contacted with tailored, used car upgrades at the right time. 

Customers come back to buy

Vehicle and finance options are offered to customers via SMS based on a  microsite with your own dealership's branding.

Get ahead of the competition

Powered by Autofutura this game changing customer retention tool will help boost your used car sales and drive sustainable growth. 


Your easy-to-use interface

  • Intuitive dashboard interface makes it quick and easy to access customer vehicle and sales data.
  • Evaluate campaign performance through the self-generating report function.
  • Portfolio 3Sixty can be used on any browser on a desktop or tablet as it uses cloud-based technology.

Vehicles within your stock are matched with specific customer needs via the system, and an SMS is sent to the customer at the optimum time in their finance agreement.

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