Helping customers
​​​​​​​understand finance options

The Black Horse YouTube channel

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At Black Horse, we’re committed to helping customers understand their finance options. That’s why we’ve put all our product videos in one place that’s quick and easy to access – our own Black Horse YouTube channel.

Now, not only is it simple to find our videos, you can embed them on your own website too. And sharing our product videos with your customers means you can help inform them, helping deliver a better experience and positive outcomes.

Sharing videos on YouTube also helps us find out more about what our customers want, through YouTube’s analytics functionality.

As the second biggest search engine after Google, YouTube is the perfect place to help start and build relationships with customers. 

Take a look at our Black Horse YouTube channel.

To embed videos on your site quickly and easily, watch the video or follow these easy instructions.

Important information

Please do not tick the ‘Enable Privacy-enhanced mode’. By keeping it unticked, we can carry out digital research and expand our customer insight. It’ll help us understand more about profiles and behaviour of the customers watching these videos.