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​​​​​​​Road to recovery

As the impact of coronavirus is continuing to be felt across the UK, you may still have concerns about how it could affect you or your business so we’ve put in place some additional support and information to help.

Depending how your business has been affected by the disruption from the coronavirus we may be able to assist and support your restart. Please consult with your Account Manager for details and guidance.

Support for essential services

We are still working hard to prioritise essential services and to ensure that we can meet the needs of the customers most severely impacted by COVID19. Our key priorities are to keep essential workers mobile and to support customers in need of a payment deferral.

Support with customer applications

If you need help with any customer applications, the Contact Us facility in Lets U Connect gives you fast access to our full underwriting service. If you need help or have any queries with these then please contact your Account Manager.​​​​​​​

Expired acceptances and guaranteed future value processes

Details of expired acceptances and Guaranteed Future Value processes have been posted to your LetsUConnect news page.


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