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Paying online
You can make payments or change your payment date by logging in to your account. Please note that we only accept VISA Debit or MasterCard debit cards.

Make a payment >

Paying by phone
You can make a payment by telephone, with VISA Debit or Mastercard debit cards. Please call our Customer Services Department on
0344 824 8888* where you can select 'Making a payment' from the automated introduction.

Paying by direct debit
We can set up a direct debit for you. This is the quickest and easiest way to make regular payments. Please call our Customer Services Department on
0344 824 8888* if you would like to set this up.

Paying by direct transfer
You can make a direct transfer payment from your online banking service or by contacting your bank. Use your agreement number as the reference and the following bank details to pay us:
 Sort code: 30-15-99
 Account number: 00024553

Paying by standing order
You can set up a standing order mandate to make a regular payment. Please put “Black Horse Ltd” as the payee. Use your agreement number as the reference and the following bank details to set up your standing order:
•    Sort code: 30-00-00

•    Account number: 00310239

Customer Services Department phone lines are open:
Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6:00pm (excluding UK Bank Holidays)
Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

We can receive calls made via the Text Relay Service for customers who are hard of hearing or have problems with speech. Please dial 18001 followed by the telephone number above.

Calls will cost no more than a UK national rate call to 01 or 02 telephone numbers and will also count towards inclusive UK call minutes provided in telephone and mobile phone contracts.


Q. Why have I received a letter after making a payment?
A. When making a payment this needs to be received on your account by the agreed due date.  If we do not receive payment we will write to you to confirm.  Should you make a payment late but are bringing your account up to date a letter may have been sent in the interim to prompt contact.  If you know you have made your payment you can ignore the letter.

Q. How will my payments show up on my bank statement?
A. You'll either see 'Black Horse' or your finance agreement number (The name of where you made your purchase won't show).

Q. Can I change my payment date?
A. Yes, of course. You can choose any date within 30 days of your current payment date. However, you may be charged interest for making this change. Please note, we only allow one change every 12 months for Hire Purchase customers and one every term for PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) customers . This can be done by logging in to your account and selecting ‘Change payment date’ from the navigation menu.

Q. Why are you charging me for changing my payment date?
A. The amount that you have been asked to pay relates to the additional interest you have accrued as a result of extending the length of your agreement from that which was originally agreed. The interest has been calculated at your originally agreed rate.

Q. How do I know how much I've paid off on my agreement?
A. We'll keep you up to date with an annual statement or you can request a statement by logging in to your account and selecting Request a Statement.

Q. How much will it cost me to pay off my agreement?
A. To find out how much you will need to pay you can obtain a settlement figure. 
Get a settlement figure > 

Q. How do I pay off/settle my agreement?
A. To ensure that you pay off the correct amount, obtain an up to date settlement figure. From here you will have the option to settle. We accept all major Debit Cards and you can also send us a cheque or set up a bank transfer. 
Get a settlement figure >

Q. Can I pay off my finance agreement early?
A. Yes, there's no problem if you choose to pay your agreement off early. To find out how much you will need to pay you can obtain a settlement figure. You can pay by debit card, for example Switch, Visa Debit, Solo or Electron.
Get a settlement figure >

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